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Where do we meet?

We meet at 401 S. Water St. Look for Blue Shore Pedal Lounge. Typically, we will meet near or inside the parking lot of Nueces Brewing Co. 

What time are your tours?

Tour times are dependent on the season. Click “Book Now” and choose your preferred date to see available times.

How long is each tour?

Public “Family-Friendly” tours are 90 minutes long. All private tours are a minimum of 2hrs. Public “Pub Crawl” tours are 2 hours long.

What is the Difference between the Private Party and the Corpus Christi Pub Crawl Tour?

Private Party Tou​rs could hold up to 14 people per bike and is private to you and your friends/family. The Corpus Christi Pub Crawl has seats open to the public that can be booked individually. We must have 6 seats booked to run the pub crawl **If the private party books the same time slot before there are 6 individual pub crawl seats booked, the pending pub crawl seats will get bumped. **If you want to book just 6 seats and want to guarantee the time spot, 6 people MUST make a reservation.

How do I book a Specialty/Private Tour?

Go to Private Party Tours and click on "Requ​est Now". This request lets BSPL know which date you are interested in. A live BSPL representative will reach out to you by phone and/or email to finish the booking process. This is done to ensure that no mistakes are made and to prevent over booking. You may also call 361-455-3396 or email us at ***Note: There is a $200 non-refundable deposit, and each Specialty/Private tour needs to be paid in full a week before the event. 


Who drives the Pedal Lounge?

We do! A skilled licensed driver or as what we call “Pilot” operates the pedal lounge. This allows for a safe trip with unlimited fun for our passengers.

Are Bottles Allowed? What type of beverages are allowed?

Liquor and glass bottles are not allowed on the pedal lounge. Only canned beer is allowed as well as plastic wine bottles and Jell-O shots.

Who Provides the Alcohol?

Alcohol on all "Sip & Tour" rides are complimentary however "Budlight" is only selection offered. If not customer preference, then B.Y.O.B is allowed. Alcohol on

"Private Tours/Parti​es" are provided by the customers. BSPL will provide alcoholic drinks on all "Pub Crawl Tours" while supplies last at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the customer. BSPL offer only 2 varieties which are "Budlight" and "Michelob Ultra". If one of these three options is not one of your preferences, then the customer is welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages. Please be sure they are not glass containers or liquor. Both will not be permitted on the pedal lounge. All alcohol provided by BSPL MUST ONLY be consumed on the pedal lounge. 

What is the minimum number of people to take a tour?

A minimum of 6 people is required to take a public tour. All private bookings do not have a minimum number of people, however private bookings begin at $425 and $150 additional each hour depending on availability and only at the time of booking. If you decide during your private party and if there is availability to continue your experience, then it is $25 per-person for an additional hour. Please contact us to make a reservation for a private party. 

What is the maximum number of people you will take?

Our pedal lounge is equipped with 6 pedal seats on each side of the pedal lounge with an approx. weight capacity of 275lbs each seat, and a long bench in the rear which could sit 2 people (depending on the size). 14 people. 

What about Music?

Blue Shore Pedal Lounge LLC has a sound system to keep your party rockin! We have a huge playlist with a wide variety to suit most groups. Feel free to bring along your music as well.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations 72 hours in advance will receive a full refund. Cancellations between 48 and 72 hours will receive a full value voucher for a future cruise. Cancellations within 48 hours and no-shows will not receive a refund. Full refunds will be given if a trip is cancelled by BSPL due to dangerous weather.

What is the late policy?

If any group is late to any of the pedal lounge tours, we allow a 10-minute grace period before we will depart on our tour to provide an enjoyable experience for the other riders that have booked. **Private Party Tours- we are more flexible when waiting to depart however we will still complete the tour on schedule regardless of departure time. 

Do we tip the crew?

Tips are not included in the price. If the crew adds value to your trip and you feel like tipping them, they would certainly appreciate your gratuity!

Is it hard to pedal the pedal lounge?

You pedal at your pace. We have the ability to make it easier or harder and have a motor if necessary to help along the way.

Is there a bathroom on the pedal lounge?

BSPL does not have a bathroom on board, however there are frequent stops that are made throughout the tour and bathrooms are provided by those places. In any event the captain will make accommodations if necessary.

What happens if it rains?

We travel rain or shine! Cruising the downtown/shoreline area on a cloudy or rainy day is no big deal, and we have a canopy to cover passengers. Events may be cancelled only under extreme weather conditions.

Are dogs allowed?

We love our four-legged friends! For liability reasons, dogs are allowed when you book a private tour. Dogs not allowed on public tours

What do I wear?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing with comfortable shoes. Remember there is some physical activity involved with this attraction. Also be mindful of the weather and dress accordingly. The majority of this attraction takes place outside.

What happens if someone gets unruly? 

We understand that alcohol has an effect on people's behavior. Remember this is a family friendly attraction and we want everyone to have a great experience. In the event that someone becomes too intoxicated or disruptive, the captain has the authority to have someone removed from the pedal lounge and NO REFUND will be given. Also, if you arrive to your tour intoxicated, the captain has the right to refuse your admittance on the pedal lounge and NO REFUND would be given seeing how it would violate our cancellation policy. Safety for everyone and our staff is our TOP PRIORITY.  

What about Kids?

The only tour in which children are NOT permitted is the Corpus Christi Pub Crawl Tour due to the pub crawl being an adult experience. Kids may come along any other tour if the driver deems them to ride safely.

If you have any questions, please call us at 361-455-3396 or email us at

Can We Bring Snacks?

Pre-packaged outside food items and/or drinks (other than beer) are permitted on the pedal lounge.  NO glass containers or Hard LIQUOR is allowed!



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